Octave Drop Chord Building 3

We left off the last lesson with this string of 3-note C voicings:

And just like before, we’re going to use the 6th-1st octave shape to ID the starting point of our next shape.

As before, it’s certainly possible to reason your way into this chord shape based solely on its feasibility… but it’s also just a chord that most of us have played thousands of times.

We drop the top note from the 1st string to the 4th string…

…and then drop the top note from the 2nd string to the 5th:

Just like with our last string of triads, the temptation here is to continue onto the 6th string using the notes of our familliar barre chord shape:

But while this power chord shape sounds great, it isn’t a C major triad, because it’s missing the note E. Instead, we’ll use the 6th-3rd octave shape to find the note we’re looking for:

You Know It When Your Hands Know It

Play each of these 3-note voicings as a chord until they fall readily to hand. But don’t worry too much about how fluently you can grab them—you’ll have an opportunity to practice them all again (as well as test how well you know them) in future lessons.

See you on the next one,


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