Octave Shapes

If you’ve been playing guitar for awhile, you’ve no doubt encountered these octave shapes:

(And if you haven’t, well… here they are.)


They’re nothing more than the naturally occurring shapes between a note and the next note with the same name:

Whether your musical tastes run towards Wes Montgomery or Foo Fighters, you’ll have plenty of occasion to play these octave shapes.

But today I want to show you some less-obvious octave shapes that we’ll be using in the days to come. They’re a bit less convenient for when you want to play just the two notes, but as a part of larger chord (& scale) structures, they’re every bit as common.

They sort of hide in plain sight among the chords & scales you already know. Learning the names of the notes on your fretboard makes them more visible:

Take a minute now to get these under your fingers and see the connection on your fretboard.


But don’t dawdle too long—you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore these in the next few lessons.


See you soon,


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